CeBIT Global Conferences
March 11, 2014 - Hannover
The ecosystem of the cyber-jungle
Eugene Kaspersky
, CEO und Chairman, Kaspersky Lab
Graphic Recording by Anna Lena Schiller

2014 - Welcome to "The new way to work"
Dean Douglas,
CEO, Unify, Inc.
Graphic Recording by Anna Lena Schiller

Preparing for the challenges of the next decade
with Cloud, Mobile, Big Data and Cognitive Computing
Dr. Kristof Kloeckner,
General Manager, IBM Software Group

The power of Open Data - Sir Nigel Shadbolt,
Chairman and Co-Founder, Open Data Institute (ODI)
Graphic Recording by Anna Lena Schiller

Christian von Hammel-Bonten,
Executive Vice President Telecommunications, Wirecard AG
Marc-Alexander Christ, Co-Founder & Chief Advancement Officer, SumUp Services GmbH
Holger Spielberg, Head of Mobile Payments & Retail Services, PayPal Deutschland GmbH
Peter Vesco, Vize Präsident, Deutsche Telekom AG
Moderator: Ina Fried, Senior Editor, Re/code

Catching up' with consumerisation: The mobile challenge
Gordon Tredgold,
Vice President Global Service Delivery, Henkel
Tim Grieveson, CIO, G4S Risk Management
John Alvares, Vice President IT International Regions & Global BI, DePuySythes
David McNally, IT Executive Advisor, IDC
Moderator: Adam Burns, Master Of Ceremonies, GDS International

The Mobile Mind Shift - Ted Schadler, Vice President, Principal Analyst serving CIOs, Forrester Research, Inc.

Keynote Game-changing Technologies - Talmon Marco, VCo-Founder & CEO, Viber Media Inc.
Graphic Recording by Anna Lena Schiller

Keynote - Mark Shuttleworth, Founder Canonical

Talk about Canonical, Ubuntu and travelling to space - Mark Shuttleworth, Founder, Canonical
Moderator: Brent Goff, Main News Ancor, Deutsche Welle
Graphic Recording by Anna Lena Schiller

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